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All nail sets are standard in size. Each order includes a nail file and buffer to assist with customizing the artificial nail to your actual nail size if the standard fits too big on your nail plate.

Inspiration pictures are welcomed!

Seen a set you really liked somewhere else? Thought about having it replicated onto a press-on set or even as an acrylic set? If so, email me a copy of the pic of the set you are insipred by and I will do my best to replicate it for you! I will not make an exact replication as that is called copying/stealing another person's art but I will certainly get it as close as possible! If it is a set that I simply cannot achieve, I will let you know! Email inspiration pictures to and we will go from there! Also, if you have a specific look or colors you are going for, please send that request through email as well. Custom orders are discussed through email only.